A happy blessed day to you all.

A few updates for your edification….

1.  Life is VERY Good

the annual concert, evening of prayer preceding the March for Life.  Check out pics on Instagram @nativitycym
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2. Winter Topic for LifeTeen and EDGE

LifeTeen:  Apologetics:  Don’t be Sorry – Understand and Explain
Resource:  Truth be Told-Basics in Catholic Apologetics, Mark Hart/Joe Cady
Video – Click HERE
This Winter, we delve into Apologetics – As Catholics, we are often in a position of “defending” our Catholic faith- and often do not know how to respond.  As St. Bernadette said, our job is not to convince another we are right or more right… rather, it’s to explain the Catholic faith, properly inform and evangelize.  With Apologetics – we are in NO WAY apologizing.  Rather – explaining the faith.

High schoolers often find themselves in this very awkward position.  Having the words and understanding will help them not apologize, rather explain and evangelize.

Participating in the Sacraments and Understanding our rich Church teachings is what brings us closer to Jesus Christ.

We will cover a series of church teachings or traditions that non-Catholics do not understand or… that catholics don’t understand… yes, I used a little c on purpose.

Here’s a great article for you to read... and a teaser to start you reading……   “Apologetics” is derived from the Greek root word apologia. In ancient Greece it referred to a formal defense of a belief, an explanation or argument for one’s philosophy or religion. The word occurs several times in the New Testament, including sections of the Gospels, seeking to persuade unbelievers of the truth claims of the Church, especially the unique nature of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

EDGE: The Bible: What is it and How to use it.

Resource: Encounter-Experiencing God in the Everyday – Mark Hart, Ascension Press

EDGE will step into the not so known – the BIBLE!!!! with Encounter: Experiencing God in the Everyday.
In this Bible study for middle school students, EDGERs will learn how to use the Bible and Come closer to Christ as they Encounter his Word.

Wednesday Night Youth Ministry for high school teens, in separate boy and girl groups
Gathers Wednesdays 730pm in the Well

If you are looking for a small group format and/or you want to delve deeper into your faith, this is the place for you.
Contact Ms. Ingrid for more information or just show up.  Ms. Lauren, Mr. Chris and their  team will greet you.