This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Psalm 118:24 – See Link

I learned this song when I was in elementary school – along with a lot of other Jesus tunes that I know teach at Vacation Bible Camp.

This song is a classic ear worm ditty.  What’s beautiful about this worm is that it reveals a great truth – that TODAY is the day our God has given us to be in his service.  We can rejoice that He walks with us in the good and the bad times.

When I get up in the morning, before my feet touch the floor, I say, thank you Holy Spirit that I am awake, alive and can be of service to you.

Mornings are not given to us so we can get up and go to school or to work.  Wrong!
Mornings are given to us by God who loves us so much that He wants us to live the Gospel of love, and do great things in His name!  Word! Preach!  Testify!

I hope this ear-butterfly song helps you keep Jesus in your heart and on your lips all the day long.

Now to business:

1 – This Sunday,  28 January, LifeTeen continues with the theme of Apologetics with a brief teaching, small group conversation followed by Adoration.  It’s the end of the quarter…let’s give God thanks in person.

EDGE continues to explore the Bible and do some traveling with the Scriptures.  Bring a Bible if you hav

e one.

2 –  Living Stations of the Cross – high schoolers wanted to participate in this amazing performance prayer.
Feb 6, Tuesday, 730pm – Interest Meeting and First Run Thru for Actors only.  See Flyer for information 2018 Living Stations of the Cross – Schedule and Registration


3 – Lenten Soup Suppers – a wonderful parish Lenten tradition. Service Opportunity

For 4 weeks in Lent, Parishioners of all ages prepare and donate home made soups.
Teens help serve and work the event.

We need soup and we want volunteers.  Visit the Soup Suppers Link for Information and to Sign up.

4 – Work Camp – Still discerning?  You’ve got just a few weeks to fill out the paperwork and attend the first gathering on Sunday February 4.
Application form is give out by Ms. Ingrid.  Information is all listed HERE